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At Steiner Family Chiropractic we believe that every man, woman and especially child has the right to live a healthy, happy, and vibrant life. Our office is more than just another chiropractic office; it’s a community of like-minded people who put health as a priority in their lives. If you are looking to regain your health or simply want to stay healthy, you’ve found a home.

We offer 3 types of care in our office:

  • Addressing Specific Symptoms
  • Correction of a Chronic Condition
  • General Wellness Care
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Why Choose Steiner Family Chiropractic?

We offer members of the Seacoast community a place to belong, a place to be cared for, and a place to feel at home, no matter how sick or well they are. Far too often people today feel like they have lost their voice and choice when it comes to their healthcare. We pride ourselves in giving the choice back to the patient, where it belongs.

We are dedicated to creating a unique experience for all who walk through our doors. When you visit the office, you will ALWAYS be greeted with a smile. No matter what kind of a day you have had or what kind of stress you’re under, you will always be welcomed in our office. Before any charges are incurred, you will have everything explained in detail to you. Then you will make the choice that is best for you and your family. Our goals are always focused on YOU. Whether you just want to get out of pain or achieve a higher quality of life, the decision will always be yours.

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Dr. Randi Jo and Dr. Marc are proud to support and be deeply involved with Love Has No Color, an organization dedicated to wiping out extreme hopelessness on the Fort Peck Native American Reservation in Eastern Montana. Love Has No Color is privately funded to avoid the paralyzing grip of government regulations and bureaucracies. We do not simply hand out gifts and money to the Reservation; we provide programs and support to enhance and brighten the futures of each and every child.

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