Magic Lamps

Watching the trailer for the new live action remake of Aladdin got me thinking….

If I gave you moms a magic lamp and asked you for three wishes for your children in 6 months what would they be?

I imagine I would get a range of different answers. Some wishes might be relatively tame like, “I just wish they would clean their room when I ask” or “I wish they would not leave their toys everywhere.” Some wishes might sound more like desperate cries for help, “I just want to see my child not sick all the time” or “I want my child to go back to the way they used to be.” However big or small, serious or not serious the wish is, the child’s life and the family’s life is being affected in some way.

Moms want the best for their kids and would kill for an option as easy as making a wish. But unfortunately, it’s not always so simple.

Everything that your child sees, thinks, or does is a direct result of how their nerve system is perceiving their environment. Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD sums it up best, “The job of the nervous system is to perceive the environment and coordinate the behavior of all other cells.” Therein lies the problem AND the solution.

If your child’s nerve system has interference or stress (commonly referred to as a subluxation), then their ability to perceive their environment and coordinate their behavior is diminished. As pediatric chiropractors, we are trained to locate, analyze and correct subluxations. When we remove interference and stress from a subluxation, perception, coordination and behavior all change and the wishes you have for your children have the possibility of coming true. There is nothing that brings us more joy than helping parents have their wishes come true for their children. We would love to see if we can help with some of yours!

My Kid Might Have a What?

We get this from parents often. You’ll hear us mention a few words a lot here in the office. One of those words is “subluxation” pronounced sub-lux-ay-shun, or submarine, or sublimation or slippynation depending on how you read it.

All you really need to remember is subluxation = stress stuck on; stress stuck on the nervous system to be specific. When we have a subluxation in our spine it stresses out the nervous system which controls and coordinates all other systems of our body. Subluxations happen when we encounter physical, chemical, or emotional stress that overcomes our bodies ability to adapt and regulate. When a subluxation is present, we can’t properly perceive our environment or coordinate our behavior properly.

As pediatric chiropractors, we see the direct and indirect effects of subluxation in kids every single day. When a subluxation is present, we can’t perceive our environment or coordinate our behavior properly. Sounds a lot like ADHD right? Sounds a lot like sensory processing disorder and anxiety right? The inability to properly respond and adapt to sensory stimulus is the hallmark of these disorders, and having a subluxation ramps up the intensity.

We use state-of-the-art scanning technology to locate, analyze and correct subluxations in kids so that we can help calm and reverse the effects that the subluxation has had on their nervous systems. Getting your children scanned is the first step to helping them. We would love to see if we can help.

What Happens in Vagus…

What happens in Vagus, Doesn’t stay in Vagus….

No, I’m not talking about Sin City. I’m talking about the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve might be the single most fascinating nerve in the human body. Greek for “wanderer.” the vagus nerve got its name due to being our longest nerve and the path it takes “wandering” around the body. The vagus nerve is the chief mediator of the visceral organs (heart, lungs, reproductive and digestive) and of the parasympathetic nervous system. The vagus nerve’s main job is to send information to the brain about what is going on in the body; in fact 80-90% of this nerve is dedicated to this purpose. For numerous reasons the vagus nerve can start to function sub-optimally. Unfortunately, unlike the city, problems in vagus don’t stay in vagus, they affect the entire system. Inflammation in the gut leads to inflammation in the brain via the vagus nerve and vice versa. Misalignments or fixations (subluxations) in the spine irritating the vagus nerve can have widespread effects. You hear us talking a lot about how adjustments to certain areas of the spine can stimulate the vagus nerve to kick on the parasympathetic nerve system and break up our stressful “fight or flight” physiology. The vagus nerve is also the reason we believe many digestive, respiratory and cardiac issues get better as a byproduct of correcting subluxations. There is a major relay station in the upper neck called the “Nucleus Tractus Solitarius” (NTS) (use that at your next dinner party) that connects the positional sensors around the top bones of the neck to the vagus nerve and the visceral organs. By adjusting a subluxation in this area we can stimulate and “reset” the abnormally functioning nerve, so to speak. Pretty neat right?

Static on the Line

Interference. We’ve all experienced it. “Can you hear me now?” Dropped calls, poor Wi-Fi connection, the old TVs where the picture would get fuzzy sometimes, the piercing shrill of a microphone too close to the speaker, poor satellite connection during a storm. It all comes down to interference.

Interference causes the wrong signals to be sent to the wrong places at the wrong time. Three wrongs don’t make a right, and all of a sudden we can’t do the things we would like to do.

Our bodies can suffer the ill effects of interference, too. The brain is a like a giant computer, it uses the nerve system to send messages to the rest of the body via the spinal cord and nerves. The spine acts as a protective housing for this vital communication highway. If the bones of the spine misalign, or move out of their normal alignment, nerves can be irritated. Irritation is interference, and interference in the body can show up in a multitude of ways. Aches and pains, headaches, concentration issues, insomnia, poor balance, poor digestion, fatigue.. etc. All these are signs of irritation and interference in the body.

Many so called “quick fixes” can temporarily relieve these symptoms and give the illusion of no interference, but unless we address the spinal alignment, we are merely placing a band-aid on the real issue. Chiropractic care gently achieves normal alignment in the spine and reduces the interference in the body.

Simply put, we help you get back to doing what you like to do, when you like to do it.

Is your child trying to tell you something?

Children today are experiencing exponentially higher amounts of stress than ever before.

Physical stress: It’s no longer enough for a kid to play one sport; he/she must play at least one sport each season and play in multiple leagues.

Chemical stress: Our lives have become so busy there’s no longer any time to cook real food. Opting for the drive-thru is so much more convenient despite its lack of quality and nutrition.

Or emotional stress: The pressure placed upon our children is never-ending. Receiving it from everyone, peers, family, coaches, teachers, kids aren’t designed to handle this stress and most don’t know how to cope or where to turn.

Allowing this stress to continually build or layer up compromises the brain and nervous system. Ok, big deal, right? What does the brain and nervous system even control?  The brain and nervous system only control every cell, tissue, organ and function in entire body – so that means everything. The more layers of damage and injury that are allowed to accumulate, the more “disconnection” and compromise of the nervous system occurs resulting in a subtle, or not so subtle, loss of health.

Chiropractic helps to remove these layers of injury or compromise to get your child reconnected. It’s that simple.

Complimentary baseline assessments are always offered for children at Steiner Family Chiropractic. Call today to schedule an appointment to get your child reconnected.

“Folks, This Ain’t Normal”

No, that’s not the southern boy in me coming through. It’s a line from one of my favorite authors; the so-called “high priest of the pasture,” sustainable farming visionary, Joel Salatin. His works highlight among other things the feeling you get when you take a step back and look at the way we view food in this country.

I often take a step back and look at the way we view health the same way. Most, albeit not all, people would simply say, “If I’m not hurting, I am healthy. Sure, I have symptoms from time to time, but who doesn’t?”

We learn to live with things, accepting them as normal.

It strikes me as interesting to hear a potential practice member say, “I’ve gotten headaches 3 times a week my whole life,” or “my son has been disrupting class, he screams and throws things, and we can’t seem to discipline him”, or “I’ve never been able to sleep well.”

These statements are usually followed by, it’s just normal for me to feel this way.

I would respectfully say, “Folks, This Ain’t Normal.” When your body has a neuro-structural shift, it is ab-normal, and very often, it causes symptoms by affecting your nervous system which is housed in your spine. The integrity of our function is affected by the integrity of our structure.

If the foundation of your house shifts, you would expect that the effects would show up elsewhere in the house. Creaky stairs, leaky roof, cracks in the floor perhaps?

What causes this neuro-structural shift? Simply put, we are exposed to chemical, physical and emotional stresses from the time we are born until our final days. Our body is so smart that it is able to deal with a large amount of these stresses, but at a certain point our bodies have to compensate. Once we reach a threshold, the neuro-structual shift occurs, and our body lets us know through symptoms that can exist along a very wide spectrum.

How do you know if you have a neuro-structural shift? That’s where we come in. One of the features of our care is a state-of-the-art digital x-ray that can precisely determine if you have this shift. Our office also features special tables that can adapt precisely to the degree of your shift and help us adjust you correctly.

Our methods even allow us to determine if your child has this shift. Instead of x-ray, on our pregnant moms and little ones, our other methods of gentle testing we can both detect and correct this shift. Even in our youngest practice members, some only minutes old, we can provide gentle and effective care.

You see, symptoms may be common, but not normal. Symptoms usually indicate that there has been a shift away from normal. Unfortunately, it gets programmed into our minds that we must just get used to “living with things” from an early age. “That’s just the way I am,” is a common sentiment. We never stop and question if what is common is and should be normal.

You deserve to be healthy. Your normal doesn’t have to involve “living with things.” If you have a neuro-structural shift, we can help.

There is always something else to try. How about Steiner Family Chiropractic?

50 Shades of Shady

I rescued my dog and best friend (other than my wonderful fiancé), Shady 7 years ago. In that time-frame you could say I’ve gotten to know his shades. Sometimes it’s a look in his eye, or the way he holds his head that lets me know something is off and he needs some more love or play time.

Even though this perception might be unnoticeable to everyone else. It’s clear as day to me.

I am not yet a parent, but I can only imagine this feeling is multiplied my many magnitudes with your own child.

Do you see something in your child that no-one else does or is willing to address? Do you get those feelings that something may not be right?

How about some clarity?

Live Free or Die

If I had to pick the top 3 things I love about the state Dr. Randi Jo and I now call home, our state motto would be one of them. For people who know Dr. Randi Jo and me, it’s overwhelmingly apparent that we don’t fit into the “mold,” whatever that is. We like to do things differently in our office. Whether it’s the wood walls that remind you of home, the way Dr. Randi Jo lights up when practice members bring their pups in to say hello, or me nerding out with a patient about local food systems, the words “typical chiropractic office” don’t apply.

My parents would say that our new state motto was my motto my whole life growing up. I wasn’t afraid to look at things differently, I always questioned everything and while that usually led to me getting into lots of trouble, I was able to learn a lot. My goal is to guide you on your health journey with what I’ve learned along the way. I want to give you choice in an era of epidemically prescribed choices. You have the capacity to make better choices for yourself and your family than anyone else can.

We all have a choice to Live Free or Die.

The only question is, are you ready?