Ferrari Engines & Tricycle Brakes

Let’s pretend you have a Ferrari. What would happen if for some reason there was a complication during manufacturing, and they installed tricycle brakes instead of the right ones? What would happen as you were driving? The acceleration wouldn’t be affected, it’s still a Ferrari after all. In fact, that’s the biggest strength of a Ferrari. But when it came … Read More

Magic Lamps

Watching the trailer for the new live action remake of Aladdin got me thinking…. If I gave you moms a magic lamp and asked you for three wishes for your children in 6 months what would they be? I imagine I would get a range of different answers. Some wishes might be relatively tame like, “I just wish they would … Read More

My Kid Might Have a What?

We get this from parents often. You’ll hear us mention a few words a lot here in the office. One of those words is “subluxation” pronounced sub-lux-ay-shun, or submarine, or sublimation or slippynation depending on how you read it. All you really need to remember is subluxation = stress stuck on; stress stuck on the nervous system to be specific. … Read More

What Happens in Vagus…

What happens in Vagus, Doesn’t stay in Vagus…. No, I’m not talking about Sin City. I’m talking about the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve might be the single most fascinating nerve in the human body. Greek for “wanderer.” the vagus nerve got its name due to being our longest nerve and the path it takes “wandering” around the body. The … Read More

Static on the Line

Interference. We’ve all experienced it. “Can you hear me now?” Dropped calls, poor Wi-Fi connection, the old TVs where the picture would get fuzzy sometimes, the piercing shrill of a microphone too close to the speaker, poor satellite connection during a storm. It all comes down to interference. Interference causes the wrong signals to be sent to the wrong places … Read More

Is your child trying to tell you something?

Children today are experiencing exponentially higher amounts of stress than ever before. Physical stress: It’s no longer enough for a kid to play one sport; he/she must play at least one sport each season and play in multiple leagues. Chemical stress: Our lives have become so busy there’s no longer any time to cook real food. Opting for the drive-thru … Read More

“Folks, This Ain’t Normal”

No, that’s not the southern boy in me coming through. It’s a line from one of my favorite authors; the so-called “high priest of the pasture,” sustainable farming visionary, Joel Salatin. His works highlight among other things the feeling you get when you take a step back and look at the way we view food in this country. I often … Read More

50 Shades of Shady

I rescued my dog and best friend (other than my wonderful fiancé), Shady 7 years ago. In that time-frame you could say I’ve gotten to know his shades. Sometimes it’s a look in his eye, or the way he holds his head that lets me know something is off and he needs some more love or play time. Even though … Read More

Live Free or Die

If I had to pick the top 3 things I love about the state Dr. Randi Jo and I now call home, our state motto would be one of them. For people who know Dr. Randi Jo and me, it’s overwhelmingly apparent that we don’t fit into the “mold,” whatever that is. We like to do things differently in our … Read More