I feel have been given a second chance to help people who are going through what I went through.Dr. Marc

Dr. Marc Steiner

Hello! My name is Dr. Marc Steiner. My mission and passion is helping children and adults live the best version of their lives.

My mission is due in large part to my own journey and struggles. From a very early age it was apparent to all that I was one of those kids who had to learn things the hard way. I found myself in trouble with teachers, coaches, and authority figures regularly. Though I excelled in school, I was easily bored and looked for mischief to entertain myself. Before I knew it, I had lost my way, and I was struggling with depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

After a large accumulation of poor choices, I was living back at home with my parents after dropping out of college. I was numb to the world and honestly, hopeless. It wasn’t until months later at my sister’s wedding when an old family friend whom I had known and been close to since a very young age told me to come into his office. This old friend was a chiropractor, and he could see that my body and mind were in rough shape. I never forgot what the chiropractor said next, he told me that he could help me, but it wasn’t going to be easy and would require both a time and financial commitment. I didn’t really have anything else to lose, so I decided to go all in. I worked a job in the middle of the night to make the money to pay for my care and never missed an appointment. From the first adjustment I received it was as if my life changed immediately. My mind seemed less cloudy and I began to feel normal again. Within one month of going to the chiropractor, I re-enrolled in college. Now clear-headed, I realized then that I wanted to learn to become a chiropractor and learn to help other people the way I was helped. The biggest reason I love taking care of children is because first off, I still am one at heart. I also know that had I had access to this care when I was younger, I might not have had to struggle as much as I did.