My purpose in life is to share the extraordinary gift of chiropractic with the world.Dr. Randi

Dr. Randi Steiner

Hello! My name is Dr. Randi. My husband, Dr. Marc, and I created Steiner Family Chiropractic in order to provide the Exeter community with a unique healthcare experience. We are both so passionate about chiropractic and allowing every individual the opportunity to achieve their true health potential regardless of current circumstances. Here’s a little bit about myself so you can understand why I am so passionate about serving your family.

I grew up with a passion for the performing arts. Though I loved to act and sing, dance was my one true love. The main reason I love the art of dance so much was its ability to change a person’s emotion immediately, a person’s outlook or perspective, and make a visceral connection with people. I had a dream of becoming a professional modern dancer. But something was missing. I wasn’t being completely fulfilled and I knew there was something else on the horizon, calling for me to make a positive impact on humanity…I just didn’t know what it was.

I grew up a healthy, vibrant, energetic, optimistic child. I never got sick even when all my friends at school did. I always knew I was “different” than the other kids but I didn’t really know why. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am fortunate enough to grow up as a chiropractic kid. Even though from the outside everything looked rosy, I was not free of the painful emotional, physical, social challenges all kids experience. Today’s children experience an increasing amount of ‘mixed messages’ from peers, parents, school, social media, and television. It has been my life-long experience and is my firm belief that chiropractic care allows one to be able to deal with and adapt to the inevitable stresses of being a developing kid or adult. While I am committed to helping every individual experience health, I find myself drawn to children. To help them feel safe, supported, valuable, unique, and that they truly belong. To help those that have been told there is nothing that can be done or that you must learn to live with it. Far too many people today accept poor health as being normal…it isn’t!

Allow me to further illustrate why I do what I do. A bright young man was playing college hockey at an Ivy League School, on track to play in the NHL. A series of hits in practice cascaded into a series of concussions that left him sitting in his dark dorm room screaming, crying in pain. Alcohol and pain meds could only go so far to rescue him. He had lost all hope. He couldn’t play hockey. He couldn’t go out with his friends. He sought help from a dozen of the top specialists but they all told him essentially the same thing – “there’s really nothing we can do.” Fast forward over a year of lifeless agony when he was referred to a special kind of chiropractor. One that was not intimidated by this young man’s condition; this chiropractor gets results with cases that most doctors don’t want to see. The chiropractor was so much more than just a doctor, he was instilling hope back in a young man who had lost his will to live. The process did not happen overnight, it took lots of adjustments, but slowly his health returned. Fast forward a few months and the young man finished his college hockey career strong and is currently playing in the AHL. But the real hero in this story isn’t the chiropractor. It is the young man who decided not to give up and is now enjoying health for life.

That is the kind of doctor that I want to be, not just an average chiropractor. I got into chiropractic to help people who have “slipped through the cracks.” We don’t have the right to give up on anyone. True healing comes from within; I have lived this principle and know it to be true. My purpose in life is to share the extraordinary gift of chiropractic with the world helping parents make better decision for themselves and their children. Healthy children turn into healthy adults. And healthier people create a healthier world. It is my honor and privilege to welcome you into our family here at Steiner Family Chiropractic as you begin your journey towards health.