Honey, have you been drinking?

Does your child seem to have trouble with coordination? Are they clumsy, unbalanced, disorganized, have trouble learning or just seem to have trouble putting things together?

One of the most important areas of the developing brain in a child is the cerebellum. The cerebellum plays a huge role in cognition, emotion, immune and most importantly, motor skills. Most kids who are experiencing developmental and motor delays have a cerebellum that isn’t functioning correctly. They seem to have issues “putting the pieces together” we often refer to these kids, affectionately of course, as “Drunken Bulls.” 

“Drunken Bulls” have a cerebellum that isn’t receiving movement input from the body accurately. This happens when the neuro-spinal system isn’t moving correctly, commonly referred to as a subluxation. Subluxation in the spine alters proprioception, aka movement information to the brain. Fun fact: this is similar to what happens when we drink alcohol, which affects the cerebellum the same way. You might even see us doing some of the same tests police officers do roadside on some of the kids in here to look at the function of their cerebellum!

When we adjust a “drunken bull” kid our goal is to reconnect and re-coordinate the sensory input coming into their brains so they can make better sense of it. Chiropractic adjustments are incredibly powerful stimulators of proper coordination and movement, which is why we work great with the work that OTs and PTs do. 

If your child seems to be struggling with putting things together, we may be able to help. Our scans and exams can help determine if we can reconnect and recoordinate with chiropractic care.

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