Brain-Body Balance

Low Tone, Clumsy, Uncoordinated. 

Many parents take their child to a pediatric chiropractor, an OT or a PT for “low tone” issues. So what exactly is “low tone?” 

“Tone” refers to the amount of activation or energy in our muscles. Kids with low tone have less than normal muscle activation or energy in their bodies. Low tone around the core can look like slouching or the inability to sit up straight, low tone in the limbs can look like tripping constantly, dropping things, or having one side of their body lag behind the other side in development. 

No matter what the presentation, low tone is a mismatch between the information the brain is getting from the body and the information the brain is sending to the body. The brain and body are in constant communication via the neuro-spinal system made of the spine, spinal cord, and nerves. The brain needs the information from the body to be crystal clear and without interference, so it can form a correct 3D map, if you will, of the body. Subluxations in the spine disrupt, distort, and disconnect the vital flow of information that the brain needs to accurately map the body and send signals out to the muscles for movement. For kids these disrupted signals manifest as low tone, tripping, falling, being clumsy, and the inability to control their bodies.

Gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments correct subluxations in the spine, restoring proper brain-body communication and coordination.

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