It’s All About Their “Bucket”

For struggling kiddos, it’s all about their “bucket”

It’s no secret that there are A LOT of struggling kiddos out there today. Labels are everywhere and so many kids are just called ADHD, SPD, OCD, ODD, ASD. While each of these diagnoses is unique, they do have a lot of overlap. 

To a pediatric chiropractor, those labels mean one thing: a stressed child. Yes, children are stressed too, but in different ways than you and I. To a child, school can be stressful, bedtime can be stressful, so can certain foods, peer pressure, a sibling taking a toy from them, maybe they eat a poor diet or don’t exercise or get bullied at school. What all these things do is trigger their “fight or flight” response and cause them to act out of protection mode. Enough of these physical, chemical and emotional stresses built up over time leads to a child with a nearly full “bucket” where stress is all they perceive and all they know.  Think of the “bucket” like the baseline activity or stress level at any given time. To a child with only a few drops left until their “bucket” overflows they have meltdown after meltdown over seemingly trivial things. Tags on a shirt, slimy foods, loud noises, bedtimes, losing a toy, etc. So much stress has been wound in nervous systems over time that there is no room left, and little things set them over the edge and cause meltdowns. It’s like living your life with the gas pedal on redline 24/7, it’s pretty easy for things to spin out of control. 

Parents can limit stressors for kiddos by changing their diet, fixing their backpacks and limiting internet time. But if those things still aren’t helping the issue very much that’s where a pediatric chiropractor comes in. Adjustments help ease and release the pent up, stress-related tension in their nervous system to take some water out of the bucket, and give them slack. As much as we hate to see them stressed, children are going to be faced with stress for the rest of their lives, and how they respond and adapt to that stress is going to determine the quality of their lives. Our doctors use state-of-the-art technology to measure this pent up stress in their nervous systems which allows us to not only show parents what their children only wish that they could tell them but help us formulate a plan to help! 

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