Is your child trying to tell you something?

Children today are experiencing exponentially higher amounts of stress than ever before.

Physical stress: It’s no longer enough for a kid to play one sport; he/she must play at least one sport each season and play in multiple leagues.

Chemical stress: Our lives have become so busy there’s no longer any time to cook real food. Opting for the drive-thru is so much more convenient despite its lack of quality and nutrition.

Or emotional stress: The pressure placed upon our children is never-ending. Receiving it from everyone, peers, family, coaches, teachers, kids aren’t designed to handle this stress and most don’t know how to cope or where to turn.

Allowing this stress to continually build or layer up compromises the brain and nervous system. Ok, big deal, right? What does the brain and nervous system even control?  The brain and nervous system only control every cell, tissue, organ and function in entire body – so that means everything. The more layers of damage and injury that are allowed to accumulate, the more “disconnection” and compromise of the nervous system occurs resulting in a subtle, or not so subtle, loss of health.

Chiropractic helps to remove these layers of injury or compromise to get your child reconnected. It’s that simple.

Complimentary baseline assessments are always offered for children at Steiner Family Chiropractic. Call today to schedule an appointment to get your child reconnected.

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