Live Free or Die

If I had to pick the top 3 things I love about the state Dr. Randi Jo and I now call home, our state motto would be one of them. For people who know Dr. Randi Jo and me, it’s overwhelmingly apparent that we don’t fit into the “mold,” whatever that is. We like to do things differently in our office. Whether it’s the wood walls that remind you of home, the way Dr. Randi Jo lights up when practice members bring their pups in to say hello, or me nerding out with a patient about local food systems, the words “typical chiropractic office” don’t apply.

My parents would say that our new state motto was my motto my whole life growing up. I wasn’t afraid to look at things differently, I always questioned everything and while that usually led to me getting into lots of trouble, I was able to learn a lot. My goal is to guide you on your health journey with what I’ve learned along the way. I want to give you choice in an era of epidemically prescribed choices. You have the capacity to make better choices for yourself and your family than anyone else can.

We all have a choice to Live Free or Die.

The only question is, are you ready?

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