Magic Lamps

Watching the trailer for the new live action remake of Aladdin got me thinking….

If I gave you moms a magic lamp and asked you for three wishes for your children in 6 months what would they be?

I imagine I would get a range of different answers. Some wishes might be relatively tame like, “I just wish they would clean their room when I ask” or “I wish they would not leave their toys everywhere.” Some wishes might sound more like desperate cries for help, “I just want to see my child not sick all the time” or “I want my child to go back to the way they used to be.” However big or small, serious or not serious the wish is, the child’s life and the family’s life is being affected in some way.

Moms want the best for their kids and would kill for an option as easy as making a wish. But unfortunately, it’s not always so simple.

Everything that your child sees, thinks, or does is a direct result of how their nerve system is perceiving their environment. Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD sums it up best, “The job of the nervous system is to perceive the environment and coordinate the behavior of all other cells.” Therein lies the problem AND the solution.

If your child’s nerve system has interference or stress (commonly referred to as a subluxation), then their ability to perceive their environment and coordinate their behavior is diminished. As pediatric chiropractors, we are trained to locate, analyze and correct subluxations. When we remove interference and stress from a subluxation, perception, coordination and behavior all change and the wishes you have for your children have the possibility of coming true. There is nothing that brings us more joy than helping parents have their wishes come true for their children. We would love to see if we can help with some of yours!

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