What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is focused on optimizing the ability of the nervous system to experience LIFE and all it has to offer. Our goal in the office is to get you back to what’s important in you or your child’s life. Whether that means enjoying a hike in the White Mountains, playing with your kids, or doing anything else that you love to do, the nervous system is directly responsible for how you interact with and experience your environment. From the time we are born we get bombarded with physical, chemical, and emotional stresses that can compromise our delicate nervous system. These stresses create layers of interference, causing the nervous system to function sub-optimally. Chiropractic aims to remove these accumulated layers of interference so that the body can again function to its fullest potential. What this means for you and your child is that you get back to what’s important- living the life you love.

Chiropractic for Children?

Chiropractic and kids? Yes! Most adults are surprised to learn that most of the health issues they are dealing with actually started in childhood! It makes perfect sense if you really look at it. Think about all of the falls, trips and bruises you took as a developing kid. These accumulated physical injuries, as well as chemical and emotional stress, compromise the nervous system. Many of these accumulated layers of impairment go unnoticed or get forgotten about. That’s why most kids won’t complain of pain. They may exhibit other, more subtle signs of a nervous system in distress. Maybe it’s a developmental delay or a behavioral issue. Maybe it’s allergies to food or getting sick often. Maybe your child just can’t seem to focus in school. Through our baseline assessment questionnaire and examination we can uncover just what your child’s body is trying to tell you.

We know that every parent wants the best for their children. All children have the birthright to be healthy. By removing these layers of compromise between the brain and nervous system, chiropractic helps ensure your child is developing into the healthy, vibrant, bright kid he or she was meant to be. After all, healthy kids turn into healthy adults.