What is Chiropractic?

Through gentle and specific adjustments to the spine, chiropractors remove interference to the nervous system, commonly referred to as vertebral subluxations, and allow the body to heal and function optimally.

As pediatric and family-centered chiropractors, we specially designed our office to care for pregnant women, infants and children. We pride ourselves on creating a warm environment where everyone feels safe and a part of our family.

Chiropractic for Children?

Chiropractic and kids? It makes perfect sense if you really look at it. Think about all of the falls, trips and bruises your child takes on a daily basis. Even the birth process itself can put pressure on the spine and developing nervous system. Combine this with the increased chemical and emotional stress children go through today and it’s easy to see how these stresses may cause your child’s nervous system to become stressed. Most kids won’t complain of pain, however. They may exhibit other, more subtle signs that something is off. Maybe it’s a developmental delay, recurrent ear infections, or a behavioral issue. Maybe it’s colic, bedwetting or getting sick often. Maybe your child just can’t seem to focus in school. Through our examination and scans we can uncover just what your child’s body is trying to tell you and come up with a plan to help.