Chiropractic Care for Kids in Exeter NH

Chiropractic Exeter NH Pediatric Care

"You take care of babies and children?" We get this question a lot! It may sound a little weird that a parent would bring a child to a chiropractor in Exeter NH after all, most people assume that chiropractic care is solely for adults with neck pain, back pain, and headaches. And while chiropractic care has a great track record with those conditions, it can have a tremendous positive impact on children as well!

All Bodies Experience Stress Over Time

Even though kids don't have decades of wear and tear like adults, their bodies and spines still experience and accumulate stress over time. The birth process itself certainly isn't a walk in the park for babies. Their head, neck, and spine have to do an amazing dance of twisting their way through the pelvis to enter the world.

Even when the birth process is "normal" it can often result in stress and misalignment in the neck, mid-back, or pelvis. While babies don't complain of pain, there are often more subtle signs of this stress and tension.

Sometimes it shows up early on as colic, constipation, trouble latching or nursing, reflux, or torticollis. Then think about all the spills and falls kids take when learning to walk and exploring the world around them. Add in heavy backpacks, poor posture from screens, and sports injuries and it's easy why chiropractic care makes sense!

Parents Seek Out Child Care In Exeter NH

Some of the most cutting-edge research about chiropractic care shows adjustments affect not only spinal health but the overall function of the nervous system as well. Adjustments have been shown to help the brain and body communicate better, so it's no wonder why parents seek out this whole-body approach as an additional piece for neurodevelopmental issues as well. Our goal is never to "treat" a specific condition, it is simply to help the body function at its highest potential.


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