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Randi Steiner D.C.

Hello! My name is Dr. Randi. My husband, Dr. Marc, and I created Steiner Family Chiropractic in order to provide the Seacoast community with a unique healthcare experience.

We are both so passionate about chiropractic and allowing every individual the opportunity to achieve their true health potential. Here’s a little bit about myself so you can understand why I love what I do.

I grew up with a passion for the performing arts. Though I loved to act and sing, dance was always “that thing” for me. The main reason I love the art of dance so much was its ability to change a person’s emotion immediately, a person’s outlook or perspective, and make a meaningful connection with people. I had a dream of becoming a professional modern dancer. I was pursuing a degree in modern dance when I realized that something was missing. I wasn’t being completely fulfilled and I knew there was something calling for me to make a positive impact on humanity…I just didn’t know what it was yet.

I grew up a healthy, vibrant, energetic, optimistic child. I never got sick even when all my friends at school did. I always knew I was “different” than the other kids, but I didn’t really know why at the time. If you haven’t guessed by now, I was fortunate enough to grow up as a chiropractic kid, or “chirokid” like we like to call them in the office. I have experienced the ability to better adapt to the inevitable stresses of being a developing kid and adult with regular chiropractic care. Today’s children are under an abundant amount of stress physically, chemically and emotionally. And that is why I am committed to helping as many people, but especially children, live to their full potential. Too many moms are being told that their instincts are wrong… told that their child will grow out of it or that their child will just have to live with it or that nothing can be done. I don’t accept this and neither should you.

I got into chiropractic to help people THRIVE and enjoy life to its absolute fullest. True healing comes from within; I have lived this principle and know it to be true. My purpose in life is to share the extraordinary gift of chiropractic with the world, helping moms and moms-to-be feel empowered and supported and helping children feel connected, purposeful and unique. Healthy children turn into healthy adults. And healthier people create a healthier world.

Chiropractor Exeter NH Marc Steiner


Marc Steiner D.C.

Hello! My name is Dr. Marc Steiner. I am passionate about helping people live the best version of their lives. My mission is due in large part to my own journey and struggles.

From a very early age, it was apparent to all that I was one of those kids who had to learn things the hard way.  Though I excelled in school, I was easily bored and looked for mischief to entertain myself. Unsurprisingly, I found myself in trouble with teachers, coaches, and authority figures regularly.

After a large accumulation of poor choices, I was living back at home with my parents after dropping out of college. I was numb to the world and honestly, hopeless. Months later at my sister’s wedding, an old family friend told me to come into his office. This old friend was a chiropractor, and he could see that my body and mind were in rough shape. I’ll never forget what the chiropractor said next; he told me that he could help me, but that it wasn’t going to be easy and that I needed to truly commit to it. I didn’t have anything else to lose, so I decided to go all in. I worked a job in the middle of the night to make the money to pay for my care and never missed an appointment. From the first adjustment I received, it was as if my life changed immediately. My mind seemed less cloudy, and I began to feel better mentally and physically. Within one month of beginning chiropractic care, I re-enrolled in college. I realized then that I wanted to become a chiropractor and learn to help other people the way I was helped. So, whether you are looking to simply get out of pain or to improve another area of your health, I would love to see how I can help you!


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